Impact of Information Technology on Today’s Business

Impact of Information Technology on Today’s Business

Since past few decades, we have seen a rapid rise in the field of information technology which will continue to grow for some time now. The growth and development of information technology has left a great impact on the society. People have experienced a lot of advantages with the growing technology, however, with these advantages there are some serious challenges too. Major innovations in Information Technology have helped the policy makers resolve worldwide problems like economic productivity, privacy protection, intellectual property, contract management or vendor management, rights and access to information.

They have also enabled people to start their own digital businesses and become financially independent. For example, titans such as Amazon help every day people make passive income through their associates program. 

It is necessary to pay attention to the socio-economic impacts of information technology as well as the permanent consequences as a result of choices made today.

The growth of IT has had a significant impact how we conduct the business today. E-commerce is getting more and more popular these days and it has taken the major share of market. More and more people are trading goods, transacting funds, conducting business and outsourcing work over the internet. No matter what business you conduct today, the success depends on how well it is known in the market. Whether you are running commercial stores like furniture store, cloth store, footwear store, etc. or if you are offering services like pest control service, financial service, transportation services, etc. you must have an online exposure to tap the market and gain an edge over the tough competition.

Information Technology has reduced importance of distance. One of the most important impacts information technology has on e-commerce business that it has significantly reduced the importance of distance. There are many changes noticed in geographic distribution of work. For example, a lot of software companies outsource work to software engineers in India and other nations where the wages are much lower comparatively. This helps them overcome the competitive local market for software engineers. Moreover, outsourcing helps to complete the critical projects on time due to the time difference thereby enabling engineers to work on the project round-the-clock.

There are many companies that outsource manufacturing/production of goods/products to other countries and they depend on telecommunications to keep other divisions like R&D, marketing and distribution in touch with manufacturing department. Thus, there is a better division of labor as the work is distributed sensibly in different countries. It also helps these countries to develop their skills as there is a higher demand of their skills in very country.

The impact of IT is significantly seen on the companies’ cost structure. The overall cost is reduced considerably as the sale is conducted via e-commerce platform unlike the traditional way of displaying goods and products on local stores or any physical establishment. Costs are also reduced as everything is virtual, right from selecting, ordering, paying and delivery of the product, everything is done online. Since the transactions are very secured these days, it has become very convenient and easy to order things from your home. all thanks to the development of IT that has made our life easy!

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