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What Is IQ-OQ-PQ Qualification Process

The IQ-OQ-PQ qualification process is used everywhere in the world, in order to be sure that the manufacturing is of high standards and to guarantee its efficient working. Any failure

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Impact of Information Technology on Today’s Business

Since past few decades, we have seen a rapid rise in the field of information technology which will continue to grow for some time now. The growth and development of

Training Your Technical Staff When You Don’t Have a Budget

When budgets get tight, it can be difficult to provide adequate training for your staff. Over the last couple of years, I’ve found some ways to provide some training even

Is SwitchPipe the Solution for Rails Shared Hosting?

Peter Cooper (who I interviewed recently ) has just announced SwitchPipe, which aims to make deploying and hosting Rails (and other frameworks, such as Django) applications easy. From the site: Introduction / Overview SwitchPipe

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Usefulness of Zapya App

Zapya application has a lot of uses. This is an application which was developed to help people. It helps its users by sharing their data. There are a large number

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Camera Lens Qualities in Viva Video Editor

Viva video app is a video maker and editor and it helps the users in creating a beautiful movie through editing different video clips on the iPad or iPhone.  The

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Backing Up Your Data With Fog

Fog, in case you haven’t heard of it, is a fantastic cloud computing library written in Ruby. It provides a unified interface to several popular cloud computing platforms(including Amazon, Rackspace,

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Handling Incoming Email With Your Web Application

This morning I was looking for a way to handle incoming email in a web application (similar to the way Highrise and Evernote let you email things to a special

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Steve Jobs

Like Marco Arment I’m not qualified to eulogize Steve Jobs, but I owe a lot to him so I need to say something. My first computer was an Apple //c. 1985. I

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Cyclemeter for iOS: A Great App for Cyclists (and Runners Too)

I try to ride my bike most mornings, assuming it’s not pouring down rain. It’s the same route most days, but it occured to me a few weeks ago that I really had no